Liquid Egg White: Perfect protein source for all ages

Liquid Egg White: Perfect protein source for all ages


Liquid Egg White: Perfect protein source for all ages

Food is a perfect amalgamation of taste, smell, texture, love and health. As we take it with our loved ones, it tastes much better. So choosing the right ingredients and cooking them more healthily is an art. An oval-shaped egg is pure love and packed with nutritional value and of course everyone’s favourite. Egg fulfils the protein requirement of your daily diet. An egg contains a clear white liquid which protects the yellow yolk. A whole egg is a rich source of  protein, fat, cholesterol, Vitamin A, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B5, Vitamin D, folate, and selenium. But there is a huge debate among foodies, nutritionist and food scientists, whether to have a whole egg or liquid egg white protein or egg yolks. Well, drinking liquid egg white is the best source of healthy protein with lesser calories.

So, let’s see what egg white liquid has to offer us. First of all, we have to separate the yolk to get almost transparent egg white liquid. Liquid egg white protein is made of 90% water and 10% protein along with a small amount of Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5, and Selenium. Pasteurized clean packaged egg white is bacteria-free. It also protects water-soluble vitamin biotin which is essential for energy production.

Liquid Egg White Protein and Unlimited Benefits

A portion of egg white is one of the best sources of protein. It is 4 grams, which is 67% of all the protein found in a whole egg and 17 calories. It can supply approximately 5% protein of your daily needs. We can instead opt for egg white liquid. It helps in creating membrane potential, which takes care of heart function and muscle contraction. It also helps to transfer metabolism and healthy supplements throughout the body. Liquid egg white protein keeps the blood pressure under control.

Liquid egg white benefits:

* kids

* people with heart disease

* gym-goers

* people with weak immunity

The high protein content in liquid egg white can curb your appetite and make you fill satiated for a longer time. Drinking liquid egg white is safe for reducing cholesterol and fat too. There is no sugar at all. So hygienically packed pasteurized liquid egg white protein comes as an ultimate solution for the food fanatics and healthy eaters.

All you need to know about pasteurized liquid egg whites

Packaged pasteurized liquid egg whites are 100% natural; and not the product of the chemical experiment. They are smooth, with marginal differences in consistency comparing to natural egg white. Thus, raw pasteurized liquid egg whites can be easily taken whenever you may want. You can easily avoid cracking and juggling between yolk and whites at a busy time. But no need to compromise with the taste and nutrients. They are as good as natural egg white. Keeping these packed egg white liquids handy; you can save your precious time. You can use them for cooking, marinating, and even for cakes, cookies and beautiful meringue. Cookie lovers can make edible cookie dough with packaged pasteurized liquid egg whites also. Because of the pasteurization, you can also store them for days and keep away yourself from any kind of food-borne illness. Besides using in different recipes, egg white can be consumed as a drink. This has no age and gender bar. Even you can use them for making a salad or homemade mayonnaise.

Therefore, you can consider pasteurized liquid egg white protein as a much convenient food than a whole egg and key to a healthy life. It is safe in all aspects and helps you strengthen your system. So store them in the kitchen for multipurpose usage or carry it along for any family trip or picnic without any mess.

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  1. This is really something I was longing for. No stress of braking the shell, no tension of what to do with carbs filled yolk. Now calibrate your protein as per upur desire need and taste. A total value for money. What a product👍

  2. This is a very good food for Muslims who prefers only halal food thank u very much but I m in Manmad city.. Here is no outlet how v have this all yummy foods

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