4 must-try diets to lose weight with eggs, chicken and fish

4 must-try diets to lose weight with eggs, chicken and fish

The world of food and nutrition is forever evolving. The more advanced
studies we make, the more science helps us understand how our body
reacts to certain foods. Diets in this respect are a great way of shaping our
bodies and being in control.

From losing weight with an egg diet to gaining
mass or building muscles with a fish diet, a good understanding of food helps us design the perfect diet. The permutation and combinations of food-based diets to attain this can be innumerable. Most of the time, depending on your region and ethnicity. For example, you can lose weight with an egg diet or opt to lose weight with a fish diet. Egg, fish or chicken-based diets are effective for their high protein, low-carb configuration.

Here are four famous diets that use egg, fish, or chicken for weight loss.
1. Pollotarian diet: The Pollotarian diet is also known as the poultry diet. It
makes you lose weight with eggs and chicken. High in protein, this diet
does not include any red meat. It combines poultry with greens. Most
takers of this diet see it as a step towards opting for diets that produce
low carbon emissions. When opting for this diet, you can successfully
use egg or chicken for weight loss. The Pollotarian diet can also be a
transitioning diet to give up red meat by making you lose weight with an
egg diet. Pollotarian diet –
• Is rich in fibre
• Increases heart health
• Promotes weight loss
• Protects against type 2 diabetes

2. Egg diet: Eggs are synonymous as protein powerhouses. No wonder it is
so much easier to lose weight with an egg diet. These small ovals are
low in calories and carbohydrate and high-in protein. So they help you
lose weight fast. This helps you quickly lose weight with an egg diet
without losing muscle mass. However, just surviving on eggs is not enough. An egg diet makes it necessary to build at least one major
meal of the day around eggs. You lose weight with an egg diet by
combining eggs with high-fiber greens. This adds more nutrients and
minerals to the diet. By losing weight with an egg diet, your body gets
pumped with Vitamin A and Choline. It ensures that you do not depend
on artificial supplements.

3. Pescatarian diet: This is a fish diet built on fish and seafood. This diet
uses fish for weight loss. Fish is considered one of the most nutrient
and healthy options for non-vegetarians. Fishes are rich in important
nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids and protein and very low in calories.
Combine this diet with fruits and vegetables. If you are planning on
losing weight with a fish diet then remember to optimally cook the fish
in low oil so as to not lose its healthy nutrients.

4. Atkins diet: Based on the ideology that you eat as much protein as you
want and avoid high carbohydrate products to opt for chicken or fish for
weight loss. Atkins diet is a four-phase diet that uses fish or chicken for
weight loss. Carbohydrates are added to the diet slowly. It is a
segregated diet where you start at 2 weeks to lose weight with a fish
diet. You combine fruits, leafy veggies and nuts with your chicken or
fish for weight loss.

Caution before settling on a diet
Finding the right diet to lose weight with egg diet, involves finding the right
quality ingredients. Always opt for fresh quality chicken, fish and egg to eat.
The above-mentioned diets use chicken or fish for weight loss but you must
also consider filler ingredients. Find items that comply with your nutrient and carbohydrate intake. You must also settle for items that you actually enjoy eating. Finding just one type of nuts or greens to go with your plan of losing weight with an egg diet is also doomed to fail. List alternate items too so that you can mix and match. Also be cautious of your cooking methods. Ensure the least amount of frying to focus on retaining nutrients through basting,grilling, steaming and others.

If you lose weight with egg diet or chicken or fish, remember not all size fits
all. Always consult with an expert before committing to a diet or being
influenced by the diets of others. Diets can be an effective tool for weight loss but do not overdo it and end up harming your body. Allow your body the
room to transition over time, as you lose weight with an egg diet. Be flexible
and enjoy the process.

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