Quail Egg And Meat Rules The Nutritional Spectrum – Here Is Why

Quail farmingAdvantages of quail farmingRearing quailsBasic steps for taking care of quails for better productionNutritional value of Quail egg and meat Poultry farming has always been related to chicken. However, poultry is a vast term and poultry farming entails several…


April 07 2022

Women and Men Share What Breakthebias Mean for Them

International Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide to honour the political, cultural and socio-economic achievements of women. Various issues about their rights are also brought to the fore - gender equality, violence against women, reproductive rights to name a few. Celebrated…


March 08 2022

Interesting Facts About The Origin Of Tandoori Chicken

Bhangra, wheat fields and turban- rang a bell? Unsurprisingly, one word that comes to our mind on these references is Punjab- The land of five rivers. While these are the visual references that represent this beautiful land, there is another…


February 13 2022

World Cancer Day Quotes To Bring Smile To The Loved Ones

Indian families are known for their unity, love, and compassion for each other. But many times some storms come to our life toppling the foundation of our peace and happiness. One such scary nightmare is Cancer. It is a deadly…


February 08 2022

4 must-try diets to lose weight with eggs, chicken and fish

The world of food and nutrition is forever evolving. The more advanced studies we make, the more science helps us understand how our body reacts to certain foods. Diets in this respect are a great way of shaping our bodies…


June 05 2021

Fresh meat vs frozen meat – what’s your pick?

Fresh meat vs frozen meat – what’s your pick? India is a country of food lovers. People love their meat as much as they love their veggies and spices. The countless number of debates on fresh meat vs frozen meat…


May 21 2021

Benefits of animal protein: Its’ advantages for the young and old

Explaining how benefits of animal protein span across ages  Proteins form the building blocks of life. Now more than ever, its crucial role in immunity building has surfaced. Proteins form the backbone of the body’s defense system and play a…


May 12 2021

Liquid Egg White: One Of The Best Food Protein Sources For All Ages

Food is a perfect amalgamation of taste, smell, texture, love, and health. As we take it with our loved ones, it tastes much better. So choosing the right ingredients and cooking them more healthily is an art. An oval-shaped egg…


January 06 2021