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4 must-try diets to lose weight with eggs, chicken and fish

The world of food and nutrition is forever evolving. The more advanced studies we make, the more science helps us understand how our body reacts to certain foods. Diets in this respect are a great way of shaping our bodies…

June 05 2021

Fresh meat vs frozen meat – what’s your pick?

Fresh meat vs frozen meat – what’s your pick? India is a country of food lovers. People love their meat as much as they love their veggies and spices. The countless number of debates on fresh meat vs frozen meat…

May 21 2021

Benefits of animal protein: Its’ advantages for the young and old

Explaining how benefits of animal protein span across ages  Proteins form the building blocks of life. Now more than ever, its crucial role in immunity building has surfaced. Proteins form the backbone of the body’s defense system and play a…

May 12 2021