Directly – Farm-to-consumers: Is It A New Cliché Or Misleading Or Support The Farmers

Directly – Farm-to-consumers: Is It A New Cliché Or Misleading Or Support The Farmers

Eggnchicken4u platform requests the farmer community to take advantage of the company’s initiative with an intention to support the farmers. They can register more and more on its online platform to connect their retail outlets directly to the consumers. The idea is to provide farmers’ retail outlets with direct access to consumers. They in turn can be masters of their prices, menu, and deliveries and gain maximum commercial benefits.

Every second platform today (online and offline) claims to connect the farmers to consumers and support the farmers. TRUE? Partially. Many of them do provide fresh and quick deliveries from farm to consumers. But is this the whole story? No, says the ENC team.

Further, the team ENC asks, Is the farmer getting its due in terms of economic gain? Again, maybe partially true.

The truth is that still a large chunk of farm products including chicken and eggs are routed via middlemen, though now glorified in terms of

  • Fresh 
  • Quick 
  • Hygienic 
  • Quality 
  • Higher gain to farmers. 

Many of these platforms must be given due credit for efforts to transform the agriculture market by providing connectivity, hygienic and fresh produce, and value addition. But economic gain (operational margins) for farmers/producers is hard to come by especially in times of higher supplies and lower demands. Invariably the platforms connecting (so-called) farmers make most of the economic gain. Hence farmers continue to remain wanting for the right cost DUE to them. Another flip side to this story is that farmers are competing among themselves to supply through platforms resulting in low-value generation for their produce.


Initiation of ENC4U

This thought about truly connecting poultry farmers to the consumers is what led to the initiation of EggnChicken4u. “ENC4u model is trying to support the farmers in setting up hygienic and clean meat delivery and setting up their online shops (own menu, prices and discounting),” says team ENC & promoter of the company “Saife Vetmed Pvt Ltd” and the brain behind ENC4u aka EggnChicken4U (a project initiated by the company).

Poultry farmers/producers are a group of highly knowledgeable, hardworking individuals who don’t receive the due credit as well as monetary benefits as they have been perpetually exploited by middlemen and other platforms. However, our vision was to bring these farmers to the forefront by connecting their retail outlets in different cities to the consumer through an online platform We would never count it as a favor. We would rather say that we are facilitating them what they rightfully deserve. 

Our vision is to empower them 

Being well versed in how the system of the poultry business works ENC team is well placed to facilitate the vision to support the farmers. Just like in agricultural farming ventures, the middlemen taking maximum share from the poultry farmers are also widespread. When ENC4U took birth, the sole aim was to create new logistic/marketing links and thereby benefit the farmers. That is exactly what makes ENC4u stand out.

We have often seen that various portals claim to eliminate the third party. But they procure the products at menial prices and sell them at high prices. Hence, we decided to support the producers/farmers with packaging and delivery tools. Along with this, we are als0 providing them with the liberty to decide their online menu and prices. Payment is direct to the farmers without any margin or service charges for . Our vision extends to empowering them and hence, they are our equal partners. This is one of the two streams of our eggnchichken4u project wherein the farmers’ produce reaches the customer directly in the purest form.

Support the farmers - poultry

The retail outlet is the direct way out without any bumps

Eggnchicken4u-owned retail outlet is again a connecting link between the farmers and the customers. The processed chicken is from the farmer’s unit itself, and in addition, they source the products at a healthy margin to farmers. And the price to the consumers too is not exorbitant. The idea is to provide the highest possible quality at an affordable price to encourage consumption. In short, ENC4U is a collaborative venture wherein the ENC4u provides an online platform to farmers retail outlet MINUS hefty margins.

Eggnchicken4u also rears chicken on its farm adopting all practices which are free of harmful chemicals and antibiotics. These are used for making ready-to-cook items.

Is high price the only criteria for maintaining quality

No, the promoter says. It is possible to produce, process, and deliver a high-quality product at the consumer’s doorstep with a healthy margin to maintain operations but cutting on extravagant prices in the name of quality and certification charged as a rule. We work with the principle that to ensure quality, high price is not the criteria. Hence there is no compromise when it comes to product quality. “The effort is also to take this platform to cities wherein the best of the system struggles to reach due to low operating margins. Since farmers make their retail outlets with a nearby supply chain the investment and running cost is low giving profitability to farmers,” says promoters.

Not only the farmers but the consumers also receive the benefit from this process. Consumers get assured quality in terms of the fresh, right age (optimum wt), right breed, right type (only meat-type Or egg-type), right condition (healthy, not diseased), cleaned, and hygienically packed produce.

What does the promoter company do?

ENC4U takes forward the vision of the parent company Saife Vetmed Pvt Ltd (, a decade-old Animal Health care company in India.

The company has been in the animal health care business for more than a decade now. It has its manufacturing and research quality lab units in North India. It caters to the needs of the poultry, dairy, and aqua farmers through its innovative, natural, and affordable health care product range in India and more than 15 countries across continents. The company has got a consistent relationship with farmers through its health care range of formulations and customer care program. It is aware of the farmers’ need to forward integrate its rearing operations to market through its own processed and delivered products to maximum economic gain. The company is striving hard to support the farmers’ retail outlets through the online portal, ENC4u. The company is now trying to communicate with consumers through digital promotion. Thus they bring consumers to the retail outlets run only by farmers.

The platform eggnchicken4u does not allow any trading platform to be registered with it. It verifies the requesting entity for registration through the vast network of its team throughout India. The registration of producers goes through a verification process. As we always say we don’t do any favors, we support the farmers treating them as our partners.


Author: ENC

EggNChicken4u is a platform which connects consumers directly to farmers so that both are benefited - Farmers get BETTER Value & Consumers get Better Quality.

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