Benefits of animal protein: Its’ advantages for the young and old

Benefits of animal protein: Its’ advantages for the young and old

Explaining how benefits of animal protein span across ages 

Proteins form the building blocks of life.

Now more than ever, its crucial role in immunity building has surfaced. Proteins form the backbone of the body’s defense system and play a very important role in forging immunity. It helps boost immuno-functionary cells such as leukocytes, cytokines, phagocytes.

Protein’s prominence continues to be a gospel truth even in the modern era of fresh and healthy eating. Food science has now let us explore more about proteins. There are different sources of proteins but animal protein foods are considered the most complete source of protein for their wholesomeness.

One of the biggest benefits of animal protein is that it can provide your body all the essential proteins. Essential proteins are not naturally synthesized by our body. What makes animal proteins crucial, is that plant protein, though healthy, are not complete proteins.

Animal protein foods like meat, eggs, dairy are high-quality protein foods that have protein consistency similar to ones found in our body. This makes them complete proteins.

A well-rounded animal protein diet in children sets them up for a brighter future. This often reduces the risks of weak bones and missing amino acids. Animal protein foods lay a strong foundation for their body.

How protein helps across age groups

In every stage of life, animal proteins have dedicated roles in healthy living, from building muscles to repairing muscles, they do it all and much more. Here’s a look at how animal protein foods benefit across age groups:

  1. Protein for toddlers

Animal protein foods for toddlers come as holistic packages essential for growth and bodybuilding. The immense benefits of animal protein ensure that toddlers receive complete nourishment. The compact nature of animal protein foods makes them a crucial weapon against childhood malnourishment by providing them limited nutrients like vitamin A, iron, zinc and fatty acids.

Regular servings of one egg or one piece of chicken, are enough to enrich them. Adequate animal protein food serving at this age can help increase brain size and function. They also ensure adequate absorption and metabolism in toddlers.

  1. Protein for children

The presence of the healthiest animal protein in a child’s diet ensures and sustains the building of muscles. Proteins are singularly responsible for muscle building and are crucial for growth in young children.

Animal protein foods can provide this sufficiently with optimal intake. Up to the age of 14, boys and girls require the same intake of proteins after which, girls require slightly less than boys for their muscle gain.

One of the biggest benefits of animal protein is that it can lead to healthy weight gain in children by enhancing body composition.

  1. Protein for adults

The benefits of animal protein span across age groups. From young to old, everyone needs it. Animal protein food particularly becomes beneficial for adults as their body matures and is in need of protein to stay active. One of the top benefits of animal protein for adults is muscle regeneration and repair. A healthy animal protein diet can also help mitigate age-related signs on the body.

However, animal proteins need to be consumed with caution in adults. Leaner animal protein foods are the most recommended type for adults. The same rule applies to geriatrics too. Animal protein food can help their body receive crucial micronutrients even in reduced portions of food.

Finding the right animal protein

While it is crucial to plan your diet around a protein source, it is equally important that you do so with the healthiest animal protein. Fresh, organic and devoid of any preservatives makes for the best animal protein. Processed or frozen animal protein only when consumed from quality sources holds on to their nutrient values.

Eggnchicken4u is a trusted place to procure your animal protein such as fish, chicken and eggs. You can get it freshly delivered to your doorstep. It sources its animal protein from certified farmers who rear poultry ethically and ensure top quality checks of their produce. A short farm-to-plate chain ensures your animal proteins are fresh and juicy when you eat them.

Cooking animal protein right

Once you have chosen the healthiest animal protein source, finding the right cooking method to capture all its flavors without compromising on its taste is the next step. The world becomes your oyster when you try to find the best recipes to cook your animal protein. Cultures over centuries have mastered recipes to cook animal proteins delicately and to enjoy their infinite flavors.

There are multiple approaches to serve animal protein foods. Depending on your preference, you may roast, bake, fry, grill or even steam. Add to this spice combination and you have a lifetime of recipes to explore and enjoy. Ensure you find the best cooking method to get the complete benefit of animal proteins.

Another step to making the perfect protein meal is to thaw your meat or fish correctly. This will help retain the taste and quality of the animal protein without compromising its texture.

The gentlest way to do it is by playing your fish or meat in a resealable packet and submerge in cold water. This gently thaws your meat and is the most recommended method. It usually takes 20-30 minutes to thaw the meat completely so that you are left with tender, fresh meat devoid of freezer burns.

It is important to note that while the benefits of animal protein are vast, they also need to be consumed in moderation and be balanced with greens. As one’s age progresses from adulthood to old age, digestion of animal proteins tends to be slow.

Experts in such cases, advise simple preparations of animal proteins. Spices or elaborate preparations should be avoided in animal protein foods for regular consumption. A simple chicken soup or steamed fish can be your best accompaniment.

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