Chicken Biryani: A Celebration Of Fragrance, Flavors, and Festivity

Chicken Biryani is considered ambrosia, food of the Gods, amongst non-veg lovers in the Indian subcontinent. This mouth-watering, delectable dish can easily hijack the senses as one savours its taste and aroma.Every non-vegetarian foodie has relished the varied taste of…


July 14 2023

World Cancer Day Quotes To Bring Smile To The Loved Ones

Indian families are known for their unity, love, and compassion for each other. But many times some storms come to our life toppling the foundation of our peace and happiness. One such scary nightmare is Cancer. It is a deadly…


February 08 2022

4 must-try diets to lose weight with eggs, chicken, and fish

The world of food and nutrition is forever evolving. The more advanced studies we make, the more science helps us understand how our body reacts to certain foods. Diets in this respect are a great way of shaping our bodies…


June 05 2021