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Trio Delight shots

Trio Delight shots

Riddhi Ankit Kamani
Prep Time
15 Mins
Cook Time
45 Mins
4-5 People



This Recipe is combination of various traditional sweets that represents all 4 sides of India. Ghevar from West of India as an Ashok chakra,Gajar Halwa from North of India as a orange layer, Sago Paysam from South of India as a White layer,Bottle gourd sandesh from East of India as a green layer.


Bottom layer (Bottle Gourd sandesh)

Take one mixture jar. Add paneer and powder sugar and make a paste.

Take one pan. Add ghee and sauté grated bottle gourd in it. When bottle gourd gets soft add panner mixture. Mix everything well.

Add mithaimate and cardamom powder and mix well.

Cook the mixture till ghee  released from mixture. And mixture will starts leaving the pan..

Bottle gourd sandesh ready.

Middle layer:(sago Paysam)

Take a thick pan. Boil the milk. After one boil lower the heat. Add sago powder and mix constantly to avoid lumps. Add sugar and cardamom powder.

Cook the mixture till 4-5 minutes.till sago gets cooked well.

Transfer into the bowl and let it cool down.

Top layer:(Gajar Halwa)

Take a pan. Add ghee. Sauté grated carrots in it. When carrots gets soften add sugar, khoya, mithaimate and cardamom powder. Mix everything well. Cook till the mixture starts leaving the pan.

Transfer into one bowl.

Cool it down.

Top most layer:(Ghevar)

Take one mixture jar. Add ghee and ice cubes and mix well. Add milk and again mix well. Will get creamy mixture.

Mix maida and besan well.

Add maida mix little by little at a time. Also add chilled water little by little while adding flour mix. Churn it well. Repeat flour and water and churn.

Churn the mixture for 4-5 minutes.

Better must be thin and in pouring consistency.

Heat the ghee or refined oil add mold in it. It must be very well heated. Then start adding better in the center of the mold little by little at a time. Repeat the process 5-6 times. Cook the ghever golden brown and take it out on wire rake so access oil or ghee will drain out.

Make 1 string chasni and deep the ghever in it and let it cool down completely.

Here I have not made chasni as every layer is very well sweetend. If u want u can make chasni like gulab jamun.