Tricolour Paneer Tikka

Tricolour Paneer Tikka
    15 Mins
    45 Mins
    4-5 People


Tricolour Paneer Tikka



Step 1 / 5 Cut Paneer And Marinate For 10 To 15 Minutes

To start preparing this lip-smacking delight, first cut the paneer into 6 cubes of 40 grams each. Now, take a large mixing bowl, and combine together salt, lemon juice, olive oil, ginger and garlic paste. Stir well to make a smooth paste. Add the paneer pieces into the newly formed marinade to start marination.


Step 2 / 5 Prepare The Saffron Coloured Marinade For Re-Marination

Please note that you will have to make 3 different types of paneer tikkas. Hyderabadi paneer tikka (saffron red), Afghani paneer tikka (white) and Hariyali paneer tikka (green). Now, again prepare 3 marinades for each colour. For the Hyderabadi mix, combine together 30 grams of hung curd, red chilli powder, garam masala and yellow chilli powder in a large mixing bowl. Saute the mustard seeds, dry red chilies and curry leaves in the mustard oil and add to the marinade. Stir well and keep it aside.


Step 3 / 5 Ready The White And Green-Coloured Marinade

For Afghani mix (white), take another mixing bowl and add 10 grams of hung curd, cashew nut paste, cheese, fresh cream, cardamom powder, white pepper and fennel powder. Mix well all the ingredients and keep the bowl aside. Whereas for the Hariyali mix (green), make a paste of green chilli, mint, kasoori methi and coriander leaves by grinding them altogether. Now, combine this paste with 20 gram of hung curd, mustard oil, lemon juice and chat masala powder and keep the marinade aside.


Step 4 / 5 Divide Paneer Cubes And Re-Marinate Them Into Their Corresponding Colours

Next, distribute the paneer pieces into 3 equal parts, which means 2 pieces for each colour. Now, marinate all the paneer pieces in the corresponding marinade mixtures. In other words, two pieces of paneer are to be dipped in each coloured marinades. Allow the paneer to marinate for 30 minutes to 1 hour.


Step 5 / 5 Roast The Pieces In A Tandoor And Enjoy

Lastly, stab the paneer pieces with tandoor skewers and arrange them in accordance to the colour scheme of the tricolour, that is, saffron red on the top followed by white and then the green coloured paneer pieces. Allow the paneer pieces to roast on a tandoor until it is cooked through. Transfer them onto a plate and serve hot and fresh along with mint chutney. Enjoy!

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