Tricolour Egg Biryani

Tricolour Egg Biryani
    15 Mins
    45 Mins
    4-5 People


Egg Biryani is one of the tastiest & Popular cuisine in India & especially in Hyderabad. It have many other variants such as Masala egg biryani , Egg Dum biryani , etc. But this biryani is going to be tricolour and gives a look of our national flag tiranga.


  1. To make tricolor Egg Biryani , Add 5 big spoons of oil to a well heated pressure cooker and let it heat to a good temperature .
  2. Now add some roughly chopped onion to it and cook till the time it get crispy(or till it turns golden light brown in color) . 
  3. Now take it out form the cooker. Now add some boiled eggs coated with turmeric and Kashmiri lal mirch powder (to give it a nice yellow orange color) and fry them in the same cooker. 
  4. You can decrease or increase the  amount of oil if required , it’s totally up to you.
  5. Now take the eggs back to a plate and add some cuts on them so, that the flavor of the biryani goes inside them .
  6. Now we are ready to make our masala . You can repeat the step 4 if required, Let the oil heat up, and add  a bay leaf (Tez Patta), 1 inch cinnamon (Dal cheene) , 5 Cloves ( Laung) followed by a table spoon of cumin ( Jeera ) now stir it well and let the cumin produce a crackling sound .
  7.  This is the perfect  time to add our green chillies ( as per your taste) followed by some  finely  chopped onion to it. Mix it well , till the time it soften.
  8.  Now add some Finely chopped Tomatoes and stir them well , add some salt to it ( as per your taste ).
  9. When these tomatoes gets soften , add a table spoon of garam masala and 2 table spoon of Biryani masala to it , mix them well.
  10. After a couple of minute add some mint(leaves)   And finely chopped coriander to it and stir well.
  11. Now add 4 table spoon of curd to it (Be careful while adding the curd , put the flame to low and if your pressure cooker is  at a good temperature , you can turn off your flame ).Mix the curd well with the masala . later Turn the the flame low and cook the masala for several minutes.
  12. Now add some water( according to your rice , if 1 & ½ cup of rice then , 2 cups of water)to your pressure cooker.
  13. Now , add ½ of your washed rice to it and stir well , add your fried eggs to it and then your remaining rice. Now it’s time to give some finishing touches to it by , adding our fried onions and a table spoon of ghee. Let it undisturbed ( don’t mix it or stir it ) 
  14. Close the lid and wait for 1 whistle on high flame, after  that, cook it for 2 min ( or more, if  your water was extra ). After 2 min turn off the flame and let the pressure out .
  15. Now remove the lid and mix it well . To give it a tricolor garnish, it with Green chutney in bottom , Some fresh curd in middle and Some saffron water at the top. You may design some green chilies at middle section to give it a Tiranga look .

Your Tricolor Egg Biryani is ready. Serve it Hot with some Raita .

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