Tricolour Coconut Burfi

Tricolour Coconut Burfi
    15 Mins
    45 Mins
    4-5 People


Barfi, borfi or burfi is a dense milk-based sweet from the Indian subcontinent, and a type of mithai. ... The flavour of a barfi is often enhanced with fruits (such as mango or coconut) or nuts (such as cashew, pistachio , almonds )


Take a heavy bottom pan and heat desi ghee. 
Add 1 cup of milk and then 1 cup of milk powder , keep stirring it So lumps will not form . 
Cook for 7 to es , untckens and then add Coconut into it and sugar . Cook it for another 15 to 20 minutes until it sets. Then add cardamom powder and cook another 5 minutes until it separates from pan . 
Share it into 3 portions, into 2 portions we will be adding colour. One portion orange colour 6 drops and on the other one green colour 6 drops mix it well . Use greased tray to set it as Our flag colour. 
First orange then white and then green . On white colour portion you can sprinkle small coconut. Let it set for 15 to 20 minutes and then cut into pieces. Decorate it in your way . We can use this recipe to make coconut ladoos as well . Thanks

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