Spicy Orange Chicken with tangy Mashed potatoes and Papaya

Spicy Orange Chicken with tangy Mashed potatoes and Papaya
    22 Mins
    25 Mins
    4 People


The recipe is created by me and tried to make it a power pack meal. Steps 1. Chicken marination 2. Orange reduction 3. Mashed potatoes preparation * 4. Assembling 5. Papaya Juliana


Method for chicken 

1. In a bowl add chicken and all spices as shown in video and spices can be adjusted as per taste and let it set for sometime.

2. Then dust flour and deep fry in medium hot oil and keep aside.

3. Now in a pan add tea spoon oil and choppy garlic and sauté. 

4. Then add onions and Shimla Mitch and toss and add soya sauce and chilli sauce and finally orange reduction and toss well .

5. It’s ready .                           **method for orange reduction 

1. Add all the ingredients  as mentions in ingredients list and stir well and cook till reduced.

2. Keep aside and do taste to balance flavours of required add honey to balance salt and sweet. *** Method for mashed potatoes 

1. In a bowl mash potatoes and add milk and butter and salt and mix well 

2. Then add coriander and Mayo and it’s ready.

And prepare papaya jullians 


Assemble spicy chicken and tangy potatoes and juillians of papaya and top with sesame seeds and fresh coriander and enjoy with your loved ones . 


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