Spicy chilly mango and chicken

Spicy chilly mango and chicken
    20 Mins
    30 Mins
    4 People


Who will like to have mango in their suppers or lunches.... Presenting Spicy Mango and Chicken rhythm.... Every bite has blasts of flavour amd musical rhythmic flow....just flow with the taste.... Ingredients 1 cup riped mango cubes, Salt to taste, Red chilli powder as required, Kashmiri mirch 3, Green chilly sauce 1 tsp, Garlic 5 pc, Galic chopped 1 tsp, Capsicum any color 1 diced, Boneless chicken 300 grams, Corn flour 1-2 tsp,


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1. Take a grinder and add mango pieces, garlic and green chilli. Make a fine paste

2. Now tale a bowl add chicken, salt, coriander root paste, garam masala, chat masala, lemon juice, corn flour and mix well to marinate.

3. Meanwhile heat a pan add honey and mango puree. Saute well for 1 minute. Now add red kashmiri mirch, salt, siracha sauce, green chilli sauce, sugar and mix well. Keep aside.

4. Now in kadhai deep fry chicken peices and keep aside.


5. Heat a pan. Add 1 tsp refined oil and add chopped garlic. Saute. Now add onions and saute till translucent.


6. Add the chicken peices and mango puree and chopped green onions leaves.


7. Mix well. Add capsicum and seseame seeds. Give a nice toss. And its done.

Plate the dish and add some chunks of ripe mango and pomegrate, seseame seeds ,green leaves and enjoy

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