Patiyala Malai Chicken - Regional Recipe Diwali Contest

Patiyala Malai Chicken - Regional Recipe Diwali Contest
    20 Mins
    40 Mins
    3-4 People


Such a mouth watering recipe and an easy to make yet a very delicious preparation of chicken, has a very creamy texture, with right blend of minimal spices. famous majorly in Patiyala and North India , this is my entry for Regional recipe contest. My families favourite Patiyala Malai Chicken.



Curry Cut Chicken from Eggn4u -500gms

Malaai Fresh homemade-one cup

Onion Paste- one small size

Kaju and Badam Paste-12-15 

Ghee-3-4 tbs

Giner Garlic Paste-1 Spoon

Roasted Kasturi Methi-1 Spoon

Coriander- for Garinsh 


Salt-As per taste

Dhaniya Powder-1

Garam Masala -a pinch 

water-Half cup

Lemon juice- 1 spoon

black pepper powder 

Big Cardomom-1

Small cardomaom-1


Fresh Curd-2 Tbs'

Green chili Slit-2 

Oil for Cooking

Method for Marination:

take a bowl and add chicken Pieces, first add salt , corandar powder, pepper pwder, now add one spoon of lemon juice, Ginger garlic paste, half bowl of curd. Now add one spoon of ghee , now mix it with your hands, and keep it for marination for 3 hours in fridge. If you can keep it for overnight for marination taste will increase more. 

Let's Begin the cooking Process:

Now in a big pan , add butter and oil, heat it up on low flame,  add marinated chicken into it. . Fry it for 5-7 mints. Stir it very slowly on low flame. Do not over fry the chicken. and do not dry it much at this stage. 

After 5-6 mints of cooking the chicken, take it out in a separate bowl. Now add one spoon butter in pan and 2 spoons of curd. Now add onion paste into it. do not over fry onion paste, keep it white in colour. 

after 3-4 minutes of frying onion on low flame, we need to add dry ingredients, cardamons and Javitri. Now add Kaju and Almonds paste, stir it on low flame for 4-5 mints till it cooks, and leaves oil on edges. Now add fried chicken and mix it slowly and now add half cup of water, cover it and cook for 8-10 mints on low flame. now add 5 spoons of Malaai or cream. Mix it slowly . cook for 5 mints on low flame. After cooking it on low flame for 10 mints , add Garam masala , Kasturi Methi and in last add Green chilies slit. Do'nt make it over spicy. Its ready to be served.

Tip: Do not cook it on high flame. It will become brown, the color should be creamy or white :)

Garnish it with red chili tardka with one spoon of Ghee, Laccha Parantha and onions Lemon. Enjoy Patiyala Malaai Chicken. 

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