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OIl Free Chole

OIl Free Chole

Akta Sehgal
Prep Time
20 Mins
Cook Time
60 Mins
4 People


  • Chole Soaked over night, 4 serving spoons, and one serving spoon chana dal
  • two finely chopped onions
  • two finely chopped tomato
  • one serving spoon finely chpped ginger
  • one serving spoon finely chopped garlic
  • 50 gms imli soaked in water
  • dry masala - dhaniya powder 15 tseaspoon, 3 teaspoon jeera powder, salt as per taste red chilly as per taste, i tsp hing
  • coriander for garnishing
  • water to boil chanas , approx 4 glass of water
  • green chilly for garnishing
  • garam masala if want spicy and anar dana


Soak chole overnight with channa dal. boil cholas and add all the other ingredients and boil it till all mix and garnish it with coriander leave and green chilly , your punjabi chole oil free is ready . have it with kulcha and achar and salad


Oil free chole




Soak chole (chick peas)over night

In the morning keep the chole to boil along with one muthi channa dal.


Give it about 6 to 7 whistle or till it's tender


Once boiled almost add raw onion, raw tomatoes garlic ginger and all the dry masala like jeera powder a pinch of haldi salt red chilli and at least 10 to 12 spoon of dhaniya powder. Add about three to four tsp of tamarind Water and tea water.


Stir well and again give about three to four pressure  . Once the steam settles let the chole boil so the excess water is soaked and a thick consistency is there.


Eat it with kulcha puri or rice.


Healthy oil free cholas are ready  garnish with coriander leaves and salad


Do add garam masal and some anar dana to make it chatpata. If no anar dana add some amchoor.


Last but not the least add hing one tsp