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Laal Maas

Laal Maas

Vijayant Verma
Prep Time
60 Mins
Cook Time
90 Mins
4 People


  • 1kg Mutton, 3-4 onions, Mathania mirch soaked overnight, ginger garlic paste, 250gram curd, 2 Badi Ilaaychi, 4 choti Illaychi, Black pepper, cloves, Jira


Rajasthani style Laal Maas


marinate mutton overnight with salt and lemon juice.

take 12-20 whole Mathania mirch. Remove seeds and soak them overnigh.

Add four table spoon ghee in the pan. Add the following

  • Jira
  • Tej Patta
  • 2 Badi Illaychi
  • 4 Choti illaych
  • Whole black pepper
  • 2-3 Cloves

now add mutton and stir till water evaporates. Grind soaked Chillies and add them to the mutton along with ginger garlic paste. 
let chilies caramelise.

in 250 gram curd add Haldi, coriander powder and just a little bit of garam masala.

Keep stirring till curd leaves oil. Lower the heat and let it cook for 40-45 minute till mutton is cooked.

faster way is to use cooker with 4-5 whistles.

garnish with rose water, kevada water and fresh coriander leaves.