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Prep Time
20 Mins
Cook Time
15 Mins
4-5 People


  • Chach, besan, Hing, jeera, lal mirch powder, haldi powder, Daniya powder, Lahsun, oil, hara Dhaniya, water.


It's a Rajsthani veg dish like a curry and mix up of besan gate (but neither it is curry nor besan gatte) but made in a different style and it bring more taste in it. If you make it home you would love it because I'm loving it. I am sure you would like it too .


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First take besan(4Tbsp) in plate then

1tsp oil,½tsp red chilli powder, ½coriander powder, some salt because we will add more salt later 

Now mix it and make small balls but not large 

Keep in mind that pour water slowly slowly and mix it and make small balls like playing marbles.

Now it's ready

Put pan on low flame and 2Tbsp oil (mustard oil)

Put jeera then the mix up of besan like playing marbles,

Mix it slowly until marbles got brown 

Then put 2 glass of water

Then wait till boiling 

Then add Lahsun paste and red mirch powder 1tsp , ½tsp turmeric powder, and salt according to taste approx 1tsp

Then wait until boiling 

After that pour 1 litre chach in it and mix until boil (mix regularly) high flame

After a boil comes wait 5 minutes and slow the flame for 5 minutes 

Then add garam masala

After that put hara Daniya on it 

An now it is ready to serve.

Enjoy the Meal