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Gluten free Masoor dal brownie with masoor dal icecream

Gluten free Masoor dal brownie with masoor dal icecream

Uzma nizam
Prep Time
20 Mins
Cook Time
40 Mins
4 People


  • Masoor dal brownie and dal icecream Simple ingredients and best nutritious dessert. Melts in mouth Ingredients for masoor dal brownie 1. Red masoor dal 2 cups 2. Cashewnut butter 3 tbs 3. Almond flour 1cup 4. Baking powder 1 tsp 5. Cooking chocolate 150grms 6. Chocolate syrup 3 tbs 7. Unsalted Butter 30 grms. 8. salt 1/2 9. Walnut. *** #Recipe2 Ingredients for masoor dal icecream. Ingredients 1. 1 cup cooked dal ( we already made) 2. 750 ml of milk 3. 2 tsp catch haldi powder 4. 1tbs soaked rice( with a help of a rolling pin we need to grind. Dardara not powder. 5. Condense milk as per taste. 6. Khoa 50 gram. 7. Elaichi powder


Healthy Gluten free dessert MASOOR DAL BROWNIE WITH MASOOR DAL ICE CREAM . 2 recipies complementing each other on a plate. Both are super delicious. Hello every one...Ab koi mummy mana nhi karegi brownies ya icecream jab banegi tasty and healthy. Soch ke aage socho .... Har cheez mumkin hai. Aur har healthy khana ...yummy banana apna mission hai.


Method for almond flour.

1. Take 10-20 almonds and make fine powder. And almond flour is ready.


Method for cashewnut butter.

1. Take 10-15 cashew + 1 tbs sugar and grind well. Slowly add 2 tsp oil and keep grinding. It will give a nice cashewnut butter.


Method for Masoor dal paste.

1. Take masoor dal and wash well. Add water just to make mushy dal.

2. Let it cool and make a fine paste.

3. Divide in 2 cups to make brownie and ice cream.


Method for Daal brownie.

1. In a bowl add all dry ingredients and mix well.

2. Now add cashewnut butter, melted chocolate, chocolate syrup and butter.

3. Mix well and topit with walnut or any nuts you have and bake in a preheated oven at 220 degrees for 30-35 minutes or till done. Know your oven.

As we have use very less butter so it will bake a bit on a higher temeprature.

And its done.

Method For masoor dal( red lentils)  icecream 

1. Boil milk and add dal( in a mixer make fine and a bit runny texture of cooked dal using water to avoid lumps while adding in milk )

2. Mix well and add dardara rice. Keep stiring to avoid lumps.

3. Add haldi and cook till reduced.

4. Once thickens add khoa and condense milk and elaichi powder.

5. Make sure the overall taste has to be balanced so sweetness must be perfect to complement brownie.

6. Once dal phirni is done. Let it cool a bit and u can make smooth in a mixer. For me its perfect amd texture too is perfect.

7. Let it cool down completely and then Add mascaporne cheese. ( home made using the best cow milk)

Ratio 1:1. ( mascaporne and dal phirni)

8. Cover and let it set like an icecream.


Decoration made sugar art work .


Plating time....

Decorate and plate this beautiful art and food and enjoy... This is fudgy .... Melt in mouth. If you like crumble , caky or fudge the flour can be adjusted. No essence used.